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Process services is by which one party gives notice to another party about a pending lawsuit, hearing or other action is given. Another form is when serving a subpoena, the party requesting a witness or copies of documents has to serve process on that party. Definition can be found here.

Local, National and International Servers

When you need papers served, you need it done quickly and correctly. To accommodate every situation, we offer four levels of service, including same-day service. And we provide 24-hour access to your service information and instant email notification via the Internet. At, each paper is served by qualified individuals who are licensed and/or certified where required. For instance, in New York City, our servers are licensed by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs; where necessary they are appointed by the courts or are certified by the state and/or county. We’re proud that over the last 23 years, we have had only seven hearings regarding service of process, and we’ve never lost. And, we will prepare the affidavit of service within 24 hours after service is completed. *

International Process Services

Need papers served overseas via the Hague Treaty? No problem. We can get the papers translated, fill out the letter rogatory, the request and summary form and get it to the Central Authority for service. We stay on top of your service of process from start to finish. *

Service through the Hague Treaty, depending on the jurisdiction, can sometimes be a rather simple process….just timely. Timely, meaning, some of our services vias the Hague Treaty has taken months and months. You can go to our International Service of Process page by clicking here for the requirements by county.

We look forward to handling your need on a local national or international level.

*In most cases

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