The #1 NYC Process Server of its kind!

What most clients may not realize about us is that we not only provide New York services, but we also provide our services to more than 2500 clients worldwide.

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Founded in 1985, is built on the idea that the process serving business should work simply for our clients. Any challenges, we conquer them.

Process Services

When you need papers served, you need it done quickly and correctly. To accommodate every situation, we offer four levels of service.

Court Services

Many courts now mandate electronic filing. So why do we still offer court services? Simple. Judges can be demanding.

Utilizing internet technology, wireless email devices and web-based cell phones, and innovative software design.

What to Expect

Professionalism first and foremost. Plus communication either verbally via the telephone or electronic via email

Notary Services

We offer notary services as part of our process services. If you need a notary to travel and notarize your client documents, look no further.

Support is rendered via email, phone, or our online support system. Each service is logged and tracked. Clients are notified of the progress until resolution.

Customer service as a whole in the process serving industry has always been, in my opinion, lacking consistency. Meaning that the customer service clients receive drop considerably after the initial contact with the client.


Three NYC Process Service Choices

We offer three choices of our service. They are mainly based on speed of service but there are other differences. Choose what’s best for your requirements.