Process Service FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How are we different from other process server companies?
How are we different from other process server companies? will go up against the competition quite easily by providing[...]
Are you a process server directory?
No, we handle all services from start to finish. We serve process for some of the largest firms in the[...]
How much is your service?
Process service pricing varies depending on two things. Where we are serving and how soon you need it completed. Pricing[...]
Do you require prepayment?
If you are with a law firm, only the first time you use our services, we send an invoice along[...]
How do I receive status updates & how before available?
Every time that one of our professional process servers performs a service of process or court service, we will notify[...]
I prefer speaking with someone. Is this possible?
Certainly. Our professional and helpful staff members are available on a full-time basis to answer all of your process service[...]
How soon will I receive my affidavits?
As a general rule, legal process service affidavits will be available to clients to print out within 24 hours post-process[...]
I don’t have web access to view my service?
Should web access not be an option for our clients, is happy to fax or respond via telephone regarding[...]
How many attempts are included with the price?
Our service includes three attempts. They are done at different times and days. If more is needed we will discuss[...]
Can I access services and court services invoices online?
Yes. As soon as legal process service has been made, invoices will become available online.[...]
Is same-day service available?
Absolutely. So long as we receive the documents by early afternoon, our staff is able to complete service of process[...]
How do I get the papers to you?
There are numerous ways. You can mail them to us, overnight them, fax them to 800-204-3299 or email them.  If[...]
What is’s overall mission?
The goal hopes to achieve in its daily furtherance of process serving and court-related services and therefore its overall[...]
How do we expect to accomplish this mission?
The answer to this question is simple. At, we will constantly update our technology and consistently train our professional[...]
What services does offer its clients?
We offer a wide variety of services including process serving, court filing services and more. We not only offer a[...]
What is the value which we bring to clients?
We have been around a long time, since 1989. We bring our experience knowledge and by offering our legal process[...]