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Legal Terms

Acquittal A jury verdict that a criminal defendant is not guilty, or the finding of a judge that the evidence[...]
Bail The release, prior to trial, of a person accused of a crime, under specified conditions designed to assure that[...]
Capital Offense A crime punishable by death. Caption The heading of a pleading or case file, indicating the parties, the[...]
Damages Money that a defendant pays a plaintiff in a civil case if the plaintiff has won. Damages may be[...]
En Banc French, meaning "on the bench." All judges of an appellate court sitting together to hear a case, as[...]
Face Sheet Filing A bankruptcy case filed either without schedules or with incomplete schedules listing few creditors and debts. (Face[...]
Garnishment A method of satisfying an outstanding debt or judgment by seizing property or credits of the debtor held by[...]
Habeas Corpus Latin, meaning "you have the body." A writ of habeas corpus generally is a judicial order forcing law[...]
Impeachment 1. The process of calling a witness's testimony into doubt. For example, if the attorney can show that the[...]
Joint Administration A court-approved mechanism under which two or more cases can be administered together. (Assuming no conflicts of interest,[...]
Lawsuit A legal action started by a plaintiff against a defendant based on a complaint that the defendant failed to[...]
Magistrate Judge A judicial officer of a district court who conducts initial proceedings in criminal cases, decides criminal misdemeanor cases,[...]
Negligence The failure to do something that a reasonable person guided by ordinary considerations would do, or something a reasonably[...]
Objection The act of taking exception to a statement or ruling in a trial. Objection To Dischargeability A trustee's or[...]
Panel 1. In appellate cases, a group of judges (usually three) assigned to decide the case; 2. In the jury[...]
Reaffirmation Agreement An agreement by a debtor to continue paying a dischargeable debt after the bankruptcy, usually for the purpose[...]
Sanction A penalty or other type of enforcement used to bring about compliance with the law or with rules and[...]
Temporary Restraining Order Akin to a preliminary injunction, it is a judge's short-term order forbidding certain actions until a full[...]
U.S. Attorney A lawyer appointed by the President in each judicial district to prosecute and defend cases for the federal[...]
Vacate To set aside a previous action. Venue The geographic area in which a court has jurisdiction. A change of[...]
Wage Garnishment A non-bankruptcy legal proceeding whereby a plaintiff or creditor seeks to subject to his or her claim the[...]

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