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Top 14 Ways To Make Process Servers Laugh

Ways to Make Process Servers Laugh

14 Ways To Make Process Servers Laugh

Yes, process servers get a kick out of what can be said when serving papers. It usually happens when the respondent is surprised and/or taken aback. These are just the top 14 ways to make a process servers laugh but there is more.

1. Running Man

No, I am not talking about people who run from us. I am talking about people we serve, say thanks, and close the door. Then a minute or so later, they run out of the house trying to give the papers back while we are driving away. It is amazing how many people think they can catch us on foot. Then they realize they cannot catch us so they try to throw the papers at our car… like it is going to stick to it!

2. I Forgot

People sometimes get a little flustered when served. My favorite was the guy who acknowledged who he was when served then immediately stated, “But I’m not me!”

3. The Crane

This is the dance some people do when you hand them the papers. We have all seen the first move, the crane stance from the original Karate Kid.

4. High Haired Ladies

This is usually the office manager or some poor sole sent out to deal with us. She pulls down her chained half rimmed glasses and states, “I am sorry, but I am refusing to accept this.”

5. Easy Peasy

Clients who state, “This will be an easy one.” JINX!!

6. Now… Really?!

Pro se clients who hire us to serve usually a divorce or child custody case. They think they are doing us a favor by calling our office stating, “He’s there now!”

7. Green Hornet

Once again, pro se clients calling, being helpful by stating he hangs out in the neighborhood and drives a green car. Gee! Thanks for the info!!!

8. Do What?!

Doing a difficult service where they are not only being difficult but combative as well. We call the client and all they tell us is “Force it and get a name!!”

9. Climbing Man1398879453 turtle fence climb fail Top 14 Ways To Make Process Servers Laugh

I once served a gentleman in Long Island who refused to answer the door. I heard what sounded like the back door slamming shut. I went around the corner and sure enough, there was this 90 year old man running ( more like walking ?!?!) who had the face of a determined man trying to get away. I yelled at him,”Please don’t make me chase you.” At the back of the yard was a seven foot fence, he grabbed the top of it and tried to pull himself over. All he could do was barely lift his leg. I DIED LAUGHING!!

10. Tip or Not to Tip?

Delivering flowers sometimes gets us past the doorman etc.  The respondents are a little confused as to whether or not to tip!!

11. If You Say So?

Pro se calls to discuss having a “Service of Processor” or a “Processor Service” done by us. Sure, why not, I think we have one of those!

12. Close Enough

Whether it is legal strategy or just a couple of attorneys who don’t like each other or both! We get directions to drop off a motion to opposing counsel, knowing the offices are closed. Our directive, “Just get to as close to his/her office as you can, even if you have to lean it up against the front door of the building.”

13. Second Story Man

Sometimes people will not let us up but will stick their head out of their 2nd story apartment window. They ask who were are…We respond, who are you.. They answer….We toss them paper…..THEY CATCH IT!!! Service done.

14. NYC Street Noise

“Go *&% yourself, “I’m walking here”, “#$$ hole”, “Wutz Up?”, etc. Always just makes me laugh!! Feeling the love!