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Video | Servers We Have an Image Problem

[Bryon L McKay] Hi this is Bryon L McKay Servers We Have an Image Problem. This blog is about NYC Process Servers, process servers, about process serving agencies, people we serve and also our clients. This is mainly meant for New York City but I think it could fit for most anywhere. So listen up.

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First of all, NYC Process Servers and almost all process servers have an image problem. Ok, now we have all seen the news article about this little old lady who was out serving papers and she went pee on the guys driveway. Ok, if you haven’t seen it just Google woman whatever in driveway, process server in driveway, its there.

Now first of all, for all of us that are over 55 we know when you have to go you have to go. But number 2 is rumor has it that she was just trying to prove she was there. New York City DCA should be proud. Proving they are there is spreading.

But anyway let’s talk about the differences here. First of all the clients when they give us a paper this is what they think happens when we go serve it people standing there waving going ooo give it to me give it to me. Or everybody is happy to receive that hard work that you put in that paper so they are just anxious to see it.

Process servers on the other hand and go out there and every neighborhood is a bad address. Every address is bad everything else or you have a guy like this standing there saying going ahead serve your papers. That’s partly true.

Then you have the people we serve. the people we’re serving this is how they look at a process server. Where is the authorized agent? Or when you’re walking away they go who were those guys?

Not to forget New York City Department of Consumer Affairs, this is how they look at a process serving agency and also the way the guys serve papers. Now you know I just kid the DCA, I just kid the DCA.
But anyway. The truth is somewhere in the middle. Ok now what this channel is all about, in the future is we are going to be talking about the process serving business.Process Server Image Video | Servers We Have an Image Problem We are going to be talking about oh stories about the process serving business . We are going to be talking about the business of process serving. Because nobody knows what we do. There is no college for process servers. We all have to help one another and train one another. And in my opinion there really isn’t one place for process servers to go that is a real community that we can talk about it. That’s what this channel is for.

So go ahead and subscribe to my channel down below or my blog. Leave a comment if you like. I want all types of comments. Good bad funny. the funnier the better. Ok same as you attorneys go ahead and leave a comment whatever and moving forward we’ll see if we can kind of demystify the myth of process serving.

This is Bryon L McKay with Thanks for watching.