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Video | Process Servers Take that Paper and ….

[Bryon L. McKay] Hi everybody this is Bryon McKay from again.  I found this little post online and  I want to read it to you. Process servers will get a kick out of it. And then we’ll talk about it. It does remind me what some people think. Process Servers take that paper and …

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“I am writing this simple letter to ask our elected leaders if there is a law pertaining to private companies or firms that perform as process servers of court documents.

This in regards to a process server entering private property or going to a work place to serve documents to an individual.

I believe it’s harassment to do so during working hours. There are times when coworkers or neighbors get to know the confidentiality of the issues because of how the server intrudes into the privacy of a client.

I think it’s only proper for a company to send documents to the client by mailing them.

I hope that something is done with this issue because there’s a lot of people that have the same problem with how a process server enters their private property or  work place.

I am asking all lawmakers to please look into this matter because it is disturbing the peace of citizens. “

Plus the other thing is when you walk into a place of business to serve legal documents we try to be as polite and professional as we can.  we ask for the person, the owner, the person in charge but inevitably we always get; Who are you? What do you want? What do you got? They are protecting their bosses like we are peddling soap or something. So then we get a little more aggressive which we have to. So don’t misread it. We are just doing our jobs.

Now on the other side of this process servers we know that the papers we serve, the subpoena’s, the complaints, and the summons’. Please understand. You have to keep remembering when you walk into a doctor’s office and you start screaming subpoena, or even saying  I have a subpoena for you  with a whole waiting room full of patients, that’s a little unprofessional. Because of the tv shows whenever the cops, detectives, feds, whenever they want information from somebody they are going to tell those businesses we are going  to subpoena you and shut you down until we get it. So to them subpoena is a bad word. To us it’s no big deal because we know they just want copies of documents or something.

Those are just some of the differences.

I’d love the hear your comments either here down below or on my website and leave them.

Process servers I’m sure you have a lot to say about this one.

But anyway this is Bryon McKay, ServerLinks. com thanks for watching.