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People Are So Funny! Not Serving Papers!

Not Serving Papers

I was out serving papers the other day and decided I needed a cup of coffee. Great a Dunkin Donuts drive thru! Perfect! I pulled in and there was a couple of cars in front of me. Great time to check email, texts and etc.

The car in front of me pulled up and the front driver side door opened up slightly and the lady gave the order and shut the door. I could hear the order taker confirm the order and the lady opened her door slightly and agreed. I could only assume she had problems with her window. No big deal. It was an older automobile and as we all know, as your car ages things start breaking.

The same thing happened when she arrived at the pick up window. She opened her door to get the order and pay. The door opened again and she handed the order back, probably to fix a mistake, shut the door and waited. The door opened again and presto the order was fixed. She shut her door….rolled her window down and drove off!

I started laughing uncontrollably. I must have looked like a crazy person to the people behind me!

A special thanks to that lady for breaking up my day from serving papers!