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Part Time Process Server Celebrates 50th Wedding Anniversary

Part Time Process Server
541a0a467875a.image  300x238 Part Time Process Server Celebrates 50th Wedding Anniversary

Photo Via The Journal Times

I love this notice because some people look at process servers as, well, less than normal society. Not true! This part-time process server is a real process server. He has a family, a community, a church and has hobbies he loves. Just like “real people”.

Our hats go off to you. You are a credit to your family, community, church and if I may, other process servers! To the couple we wish you a happy 50th anniversary and many more.

So, if you happen to be visited by a process server sometime in the future, be sure to remember that they are people as well. You may not like what we delivered but please don’t take it out on the messenger. We are people too!

Dawley worked for more than 50 years in various roles in the newspaper business. He is currently a part-time process server. Dawley enjoys collecting antiques, and making unique crafts.

Mrs. Dawley was employed at Copycat Press Inc. as a manager, from the time the company was started in 1985 to the owner’s retirement in 2005. She enjoys quilting — having made all six of her grandchildren quilts — and reading.

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