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NYC Process Servers Serving Businesses

NYC Process Servers serving businesses

NYC Process Servers serving businesses has changed over the years. This may be a strange place to start but remember those door-to-door salespeople (DDS). Selling everything form soap, art, copiers, office equipment and etc. Where in the world have they gone? Retail, on-line, telemarketing or just stuck down on the street trying to get up. I think maybe all the above.

I miss them, yes I really do miss them. Not the ones collecting business cards, (professional visitors I call them) but the door-to-door salespeople who had flair, enthusiasm and personality. They were a pleasure to watch. Some showed quick demonstrations while others caught you off guard. One gentleman received immediate attention from me when I asked for a business card first, he handed me a lead penny instead. Yep, a war era penny made of lead. He said he preferred a lead penny to business cards because people remember the penny more. And you know what, he was right. Another salesperson came into the office with a carpet cleaning compound and before I knew it, (about 15 seconds) there was a clean smiley face on the carpet surrounded by a coffee spill stain. Yep, had to have it. Bought it, loved it but damn, can’t find it anymore. Oh well progress right.

I had a close friend who considered himself a true DDS. He was trained to walk in without an appointment and come out with a sale. He believed in his craft and ability so much he refused to carry business cards and would NOT come back later. In his mind, he knew he could make the sale. I had the pleasure of listening to him and other DDS talking about getting into buildings in Manhattan and playing cat and mouse with the security people who were trying to locate those darn DDS. The really good DDS would laugh and say it was fun. Going floor to floor, skipping some floors, not spending too much time on a floor until… WHAM, caught by security. Which security promptly escorted them out, and that was that. Fun? I asked. They said “The best fun”. It kept them smiling for future customers, which they believed new customers really appreciated the sunny optimism in their office.

As a NYC Process Server serving businesses or individuals in a business, we try and keep the same attitude serving papers. Yes, it is fun avoiding security while trying to serve multiple individuals in the same business. Using the same techniques as those DDS. I found myself smiling and laughing while serving, but not in front of the respondent. And after serving the individual I always say that I was sorry for interrupting. It came out as sincere as it was meant. Then, if I had time I would try to visit as many legal offices as I could, presenting our services to them until WHAM caught by security.

Well, as you probably know, the atmosphere has changed. After the two incidents at the towers, security is much tighter and therefore more difficult for NYC process servers serving businesses. It is frustrating when you can’t get up to the businesses unannounced. Building security wants to know what it is regards. (DRATS, I say and other curse words to myself) Some of our clients give us a persons name to ask for at the business, but often times it is of little help. But we appreciate it because often times security won’t even call up without a name. Sometimes telling security you have a delivery works, but you had better have a package to help sell it. And it is too expensive to carry multitudes of flower arrangements for a days work. I even tried saying I was a Candygram but no one believed me. But the long and short of it is, it doesn’t work all that often. More and more buildings now require someone from the office to come down to take the services. If the defendant/respondent know they are legal papers….great more questions. When serving individuals at the office…. most companies do not allow service on an individual in their place of business.

Now a new challenge to our servers that I must bring up strictly for informational purposes. CT Corp. has moved to a new location. I’ve noticed that my servers have taken forever to serve them. I bet you are dying to know why. Stay tuned to find… just kidding. I don’t know if it was CT Corp. or the building, but they will only allow one process server up at a time…. escorted. Yes security must escort them up. One server is allowed up to serve CT Corp and the next server must wait until the first one is escorted back to the lobby. I know most of you don’t know this but there are generally a lot of NYC process servers that serve CT Corp on a daily basis. The wait can be long and boring. Hurry up and wait once again. These NY minutes seem to be getting longer.

But unlike the DDS of old, process servers can’t just give up and move on. We have to find a way to get the service done. Whether it is by creative methods or just simple ones. We have to do what we can to find a way. We have to do our jobs. That is the purpose of our company. We serve the papers!

What is frustrating about being denied access to a building is that we are not doing anything wrong! We are just trying to deliver legal documents according to the statutes and rulings that we must follow. Some people say we are to disruptive but I disagree. Our servers are trained to be professional, respectful and as low key as possible. In my experience a process server who is not professional and respectful does not last long in the industry.

Our industry has seen a lot of changes in the last few years and we have adjusted accordingly. But I don’t know what is next. Maybe I will have to get together a NYC S.P.A.T. Acronym for New York City Service of Process Attack Team. Yep, gotta work on the name.