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Video | NYC Process Server vs NYC Process Server

[Bryon L. McKay] Hi guys this is Bryon from again. I want to talk to the process servers out there this time as well as the process serving agencies. You know what was interesting, I saw a friend of mine go through a two year traverse hearing. I’ve known this guy for like 20, oh gosh, over 20 years and it kind of made me think about the New York City DCA rules. Not necessarily that for traverse, that is for another video, but the thing I am thinking about is I come from the old school that says, “You don’t turn your worst enemy into the IRS”.

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Now, one of the rules that NYC DCA has that’s new kind of sticks in my crawl and the way I read and understand it is if we know anybody who is not abiding by the rules, you’re supposed to let them know, let the DCA know. I don’t know anybody personally who is breaking the rules but I’ve heard rumors out there. Actually there is one guy I’ve found when I was messing around online on a weekend where he looked like an individual who is acting as a process serving agency. I don’t know what I am suppose to do! I have no actual proof.

But this is my question to you, if you know of another process server or you process server agencies, know of a process server, would you turn them in? Would you send a letter DCA, would you make on anonymous call, etc. Because I got a real problem with that. If it was not blatant, in my opinion just work with the guy, you know or girl whatever the case may be. If it is blatant, than that’s a different story.

So this is my question to everybody; if you knew another process server or another process serving agency or you process serving agencies knew a process server or another agency that wasn’t abiding by the new rules and regulations, would you or would you not turn them in? That’s a tough one.

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This is Bryon Thanks for watching.

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