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Never Had A Bad Day? Really

Never Had A Bad Day

never 300x300 Never Had A Bad Day? ReallyNever had a bad day comes from a sales executive we had working here about ten years ago who whenever a client or anyone asked how he was doing his reply was always,”Great, Never had a bad day!” I must have heard it in my office at least 20 times a day. To the point I had to stop asking how he was doing.

This little article about a Broward County civil process server from the local sheriffs’ office who in 41 years of service only called in sick one day reminded me of him. Incredible, this guy either liked his job, co-workers or just didn’t want to be at home. Let’s hope it was the first two. I am going to say something that may sound incredible, our job in the process serving industry is never boring. It is not unusual for people in the business to go years without calling in sick. We have one who has been here over eight years that has never called in sick and I must tell you I have to force her to go on vacation every year.

Broward Sheriff’s Office honors local heroes

Author: MJ Acosta, Reporter,

LOCAL10 logo noABC png Never Had A Bad Day? ReallyThe ceremony wrapped up around 12:30 p.m. at the Broward Center for Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale. Among the award recipients was a civil process server, who’s been with the department for 41 years and has only called in sick one time. Another person honored was a young BSO Explorer who helped deputies save a woman that attempted suicide.

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Anyone who has called our office has spoken to her. Yes, I am referring to our own Jackie. I would like to think that it is my wit, charm, enthusiasm or professionalism that makes her want to come to the office every day but I know better. Yes,  it is the process serving profession itself. We are challenged everyday.  Any phone call can explode our day and force us to reconfigure our staff and process servers. Yes, when clients call and need someone served in an hour in Minot ND or has ten subpoenas that needs to be served in that time frame it can get very interesting. Our record is over 750 subpoenas our client needed served on a expedited basis in all fifty states. We had to rearrange everything, pull people from all our offices to help and at the same time keep our stress away from our clients and keep them satisfied. This is no easy feat when you want to keep the kaos away from doing our normal everyday functions.

Or when we have to serve celebrity clients who some are guarded or surrounded by their entourage and the client wants it done ASAP. We onced served a well known celebrity at a crossroad out in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico. The stories go on and on.

Most people in our industry understand the need to perform and eat it up everyday. We do not do L&T, credit collections or foreclosure work so our servers, I think, love the papers our clients give us. Not always a challenge but you just never know when, who what or where! I wonder when the last time most people while working had to deal with a naked man answering the door. Or having a weapon pointed at you stating, “This is how I answer the door!” No not everyday but you just never know when anything or nothing is going to happen.

Next time you call our office and Jackie answers the phone, think of her more than eight years without calling in sick and ask her how her day is going!!  She may not say never had a bad day but she may be thinking it!

By the way, she is probably going to kill me for blogging about her.