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Liar Liar Process Server

Liar Liar Process Server
Internal memo distributed to all employees.

The New York City process serving business is a deceptively complicated business in an ethical sense. Many people describe the process serving business as, “The stuff you try not to step in when walking the dog”. If you take a close look at the process serving business you can see why some people may come to this conclusion.

Different law firms look for different areas of expertise when selecting a process server. If their specialty is landlord tenant they look for inexpensive servers to “post” papers, do the mailings and file the paperwork. The main goal is either get the rent or get them out. Collection attorneys look for inexpensive servers to serve papers and then …get the money. If they don’t get the money, they want the default judgment and …get the money. Both these type of attorneys are forced to look at the server as part of the bottom line and calculate the risk versus benefit.

In my opinion, and others, this makes it easy for a process server to “fudge” on the actual service. Think about it, how many times a process server company can afford to keep going back when the total charge is twenty five or even forty dollars. How much can the process serving company make after he pays his process server commission, pay for the mailings and cover the overhead. In order to make a decent living with such a small profit margin, the company has to do many services.

Wait, there is more! When a traverse hearing is called, the law firms don’t want to pay for it because they are operating on such a narrow margin. Now, the already slim profit margin of the process serving company is even slimmer.

Okay, okay, I’ll say what you are thinking, “Throw it against the wall and see what sticks”, is an actual business plan. (I have to get new analogies, I keep referring to doo-doo.) Why don’t we just call it, “Me see no evil, Me hear no evil and Me speak no evil, no matter what!” Liar Liar Process Server!!

Which one of the above companies are we…..the correct answer is, none of the above. I am not ashamed that I am in this business to attract big clients and make a profit. We are not the most expensive process server out there and we are far from the cheapest. We are a company that has serious clients, serve serious papers and with this comes serious responsibilities.

Some of our many responsibilities are to tell the truth when dealing with our clients and co-workers, admit when we made a mistake and take the heat for it. We do not, and I repeat do not, deceive our clients or co-workers purposely. Trust me, I know sometimes it may seem easier to tell them what they want to hear, but it is not the way we do things. Our co-workers and most of all, our clients, have to know what happened in order to move their case forward.

I believe that one of the many reasons our clients use us is not because we charge more. It is because they get more; more effort, more information, someone to answer the phone and more than anything else, someone who is accountable. I also believe they use us because we take the heat when services go bad. They understand that it would be easier for us to tell them what they want to hear rather than the truth, but trust me when I say, it is easier to deal with it in the now rather than a couple of years from now. Just tell us what happened, we will pass it on to our client and together, it will be corrected.

The one common factor that all of you have here is my trust that you will do the best you can and be honest. If you ask your direct supervisor how I feel about trust they will tell you two things. One, we give it to you until you prove otherwise and two, if the trust is gone…so are you.

The only deception that is acceptable here is telling the boss that he is good looking. In closing and keeping with the theme “No BS!”