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Incredible Chair Hacking My Bank Accounts!!

Chair Hacking My Bank Accounts

Incredible chair hacking my bank accounts, is that even possible. But somehow, some way everybody and everything knows. How is it that everything seems to know when I have a little extra cash on hand? Now you noticed I said everything and not everybody. Yes I am talking about inanimate objects.

I am reminded of this because over the years it seems to always happen. I get an extra big case in and my revenue and profits has a nice spike. Great, what do I do with it? Put it in my IRA, get my girlfriend a nice gift, give out bonuses to the staff and process servers or just put it in the bank and feel a little more successful?

One problem!! How the hell does my car seem to pick up on this? Now I need a new colutinin (made up) value. A memory card goes out on my desktop computer! One of the color printers goes out! My chair breaks! One of the springs on my garage door breaks. A gable window just falls out of my house!

hacked1 300x200 Incredible Chair Hacking My Bank Accounts!!I do want you to understand that I do take care of my stuff. So it is not like they are overdue for maintenance. I do understand that things break. But come on, how do they know when I am flushed with a little extra cash?

Now I don’t know how my vendors figure this out as well. All of a sudden the prices go up. What are they doing…. looking at my bank balances? They must be, because it is the little stuff. My morning bagel from my favorite bagel place just went up a quarter.  All of a sudden I am pushed to get a side from my lunch place for a sandwich I have been ordering for years. Come on!!! You too!! Has my computer been hacked?

It happened to one of my co-workers as well. She received her year-end bonus and BAM now her trunk won’t open on her relative newer model car!

Well, just thank goodness I have the extra cash to absorb these little surprises. But the timing is still suspicious. So this is to my inanimate objects and vendors. Stay out of my business, out of my computer, stop looking at my bank account and we will get along nicely.

In the meantime, keep those spikes coming. Hopefully, maybe, one day my little inanimate friends won’t notice.

I just saying!!

Incredible Chair Hacking My Bank Accounts!! Just Stop Already!