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Getting Fired? 4 Signs You Might be!

Getting Fired
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VIA Linkedin

Are your getting fired? I read this post written by Robin Brodrick on Linkedin and it reminded me of a situation that happened long ago.

These are sure “fire” signs alright. I remember we had a process server that needed to be let go but the office manager did not like to fire people. I think she would prefer that they quit or went home never to show up again. This process server started to wonder why the company wasn’t giving him any papers and kept asking the office manager and dispatch about it.

So, the Office manager had the “Great” idea of having him tie knots at the end of the mop. Yes, every strain she wanted a knot tied.  Why, she explained that this make the mop more absorbent and it lasts longer.

Well , the owner caught wind of this and fired the Office Manager and put the process server into a retraining program.

Here is an excerpt from Robin Brodrick’s post.

4 Signs You are Getting Fired & What To Do About It!

  1. You find your job advertised online
  2. Your boss asks you to write standard operating procedures for everything you do
  3. Your day-to-day tasks slowly start getting reassigned to other people (or you’re asked to train others on how to do them ‘just in case’)
  4. You’re not being invited to meetings that you used to be included in

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Or maybe you want a career change? Want to be a process server? Apply here.  Meet people! Long Hours. Many people seems to curse at you. Must be licensed by NYC DCA and have a car. (Depending on where you want to serve) Tons of paperwork, Subject to NYC DCA audits and possibly fines. How does it sound so far.

Being a NYC process server sounds enticing, doesn’t it!