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Process Servers exude professionalism

Even a solo server can Exude Professionalism!

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I like this article because it backs up a statement I have been telling agencies for quite some time now. Those free email addresses you get from yahoo, gmail, etc actually does not exude professionalism and hurts you more than it helps. I understand that you have had the email address for years but now may the time to start thinking about updating.

All  agencies are on the lookout for new clients. Most law firms ask a buddy or someone in the firm for a reference but if, on the small chance they are surfing the internet, how would you want your firm represented? Take even a phone number, which exudes more professionalism 800-555-1212 or 212-555-1212? Same for email, or


Exude Professionalism: Get a Real Email Address

By Graham Martin

In an age where email has become a standard medium for communication among lawyers, potential clients, actual clients, opposing counsel, and judges, the way you present yourself speaks volumes about your reputation, professionalism, and credibility. And as much as I would like to be able to say that the only thing that matters is the content of one’s communiqué, its presentation in terms of look, feel, and source also greatly influence its reception.

The digital age has made it far easier and more cost effective to become a solo practitioner, allowing individuals to design their own websites, write their own articles, produce their own marketing materials, and forego the use of a secretary for communications. But with this DIY ability comes the responsibility to ensure that one’s DIY projects exude the same competence and professionalism that would come with professionally produced materials.

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I know that the are easy to use and administer. I know that you have them on your phone and it is great, but getting an email address the same as your domain name exudes professionalism for your process server agency. I will let you in on a little secret. You can forward all the email from you new email to your yahoo email address and your phone and yahoo account will get the emails forwarded from your new account. As an added bonus, your new email account will retain the original email in case you accidentally erased it from you phone or yahoo account!

As far as returning emails from your phone or yahoo account. It is really easy to change in the program and on your phone as far as where you sent the email. What I mean is that when you now send an email from your yahoo account or your phone, it will have a return address of your professional email address.

Call or look at your host provider help section to help you set this up. And as for as your old clients and your yahoo email, they might keep using you old email, no problem, or they might start using your new email, no problem.

You haven’t skipped a beat and you agency may exude professionalism!