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Video | Customer Service for Process Servers

[Bryon L McKay] Hi Guys, Bryon L McKay from here, I want to talk a little bit about customer service in our profession and my thought a philosophies on it and what we try to maintain here.

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The client, whether it be a Pro Se, a long term client, attorney or whatever, there is three things they basically want to receive from us as a customer.

  • Right
  • Understood
  • Appreciated

What do I mean by right?

  • They want to be right when they talk to us,
  • They want to be right by choosing us.
  • Also, other things.
  • They want to be understood.
  • They want us to understand what their ultimate goal is as far as the service or group of service or the case.
  • They want to be appreciated.
  • They want to be appreciated that we as their vendor appreciate  their business.
  • Those are the three things.

Though out the years in the process service industry, I have noticed things and I will put them on a graph for you.

There are three stages that we do:

  • Pre Sale Customer Service
  • During Service of Process Customer Service
  • After Service of Process Customer Service

The following graph illustrates the level of customer service from the process serving industry as a whole. Not everybody,  but as a whole.

Customer 11 1024x484 Video | Customer Service for Process Servers

Customer Service Process Servers Average

Pre Service – It starts off  on the Pre Service pretty high as you would expect.  The server or server agency is very helpful, understanding and pleasant.  No Problem!

During Service – During the phase it fall off a little bit. When customers call or email the attitude they get is, dang it let us do our job. Well, you know what,  they are clients and customers so the level of customer service should be just as high with the three things client want: RIGHT UNDERSTOOD and APPRECIATED!

After Service –  Basically what this means is the notice to the client and paperwork. Get the affidavits to the customer in a timely manner. This is where it drops even lower.

Then we even have other agencies and individuals in our industry that look like this.

Customer 2 1024x480 Video | Customer Service for Process Servers

Bad Customer Service

Happy to talk to you in the beginning; then drops right down to nothing. Very little or no customer service after receiving the services.  The client should never be in this situation.

What we try to maintain here is a constant level of customer service for our clients.  As this graph shows.

Customer 3 1024x479 Video | Customer Service for Process Servers

High customer service while the pre sale is going on. High customer service during  service. For instance, if it a rush service the client does not want notified five days later. They want to notified  that day or at the very least the next day. And last but not least, the after service.  Where is the affidavit and other information the client needs or wants?

Remember, the customer wants to be right, understood and appreciated.  Right by choosing us,  understood what they need done and they want us to appreciate them.

That being said I hear a lot of, for example,” What happens  and you have a customer who wants to serve a guy and there really isn’t anything you can do about it?”  Let’s say that they went to South Africa to work on the Ebola virus?

Well. let me pass on a anecdote  that was passed on to me years ago in a story.

Bryon, do you know a one legged man.

I said No. No.

Do you know they exist?

Well, yes.

So you know one legged people do exist.  They are real.

Well, yea,  yea.

Well, let me ask you a question then Bryon. If you know they exist and they are real. Why is it that a shoe store doesn’t have a one legged shoe department.

Boom!! Hit me like a ton of bricks.

Because they are do far and few it really isn’t worth worrying about until it comes up.  When it does come up, do the best you can and move on.

I believe what they want to hear form us when they call is not.”I’ll take care of that.”  They want to hear what you are going to do, step by step.

So, when you get a call, and they ask, “What are you going to do about this?” Don’t just say,  ‘I’ll take care of it.”  Tell them what steps you are going to take. Say, “First I am going to do Step 1. Then go one to step two etc, etc.  Explain to them exactly what you are going to do.

These are some of my thoughts the process serving customer service issues today.  Have any comments, leave them below or email us at Click Here to Contact Us

This is Bryon L McKay,, thanks for listening.