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NYC Process Servers Serving Businesses
NYC Process Servers serving businesses has changed over the years. This may be a strange place to start but remember[...]
What Time Can a NYC Process Server Serve Papers?
What Time Can a NYC Process Server Serve Papers? What Time Can a NYC Process Server Serve Papers? This was[...]
Bite Me! We Serve Papers
Many years ago I was training a new process server in the field. to serve papers. He was a young[...]
Results of Our NYC DCA Process Server Agency Audit
We received an email from a NYC DCA attorney last week finding some errors in our audit. Specifically, one of our[...]
Is NYC DCA License Renewal and Audit Sucking the Life Out of Process Serving Industry?
Or Just the Mirror to the Process Serving Industry? Well, the NYC process serving industry just went through our second two[...]
Top 14 Ways To Make Process Servers Laugh
14 Ways To Make Process Servers Laugh Yes, process servers get a kick out of what can be said when[...]
10 Reasons a Process Server May Fire Clients
The 10 reasons a process server may fire clients is not limited to ten. I have read many articles for lawyers or[...]
Incredible Chair Hacking My Bank Accounts!!
Incredible chair hacking my bank accounts, is that even possible. But somehow, some way everybody and everything knows. How is[...]
Process Server Professional MY Butt!!
The only reason a lot a process servers get into this business is that they think it has ease of[...]
What Secrets Directories Keep from You!
What secrets directories keep from you can cost a lot in finding you on the web. Let's talk about category[...]
Process Servers GPS Reality Check
I think, and others think, that it is time for the process servers GPS reality check. What do I mean[...]
Never Had A Bad Day? Really
Never had a bad day comes from a sales executive we had working here about ten years ago who whenever[...]
Facebook Sues Law Firms Claims Fraud – Our View!
Most people will look at this and come to conclusions on many different sides of the issues or guilt. As[...]
Why Aren’t Lawyers Getting Paid?
Why aren't lawyers getting paid.... great question! And I thought I was all alone with receivables challenges! I read once that[...]
Exude Professionalism
Even a solo server can Exude Professionalism! I like this article because it backs up a statement I have been[...]
Part Time Process Server Celebrates 50th Wedding Anniversary
I love this notice because some people look at process servers as, well, less than normal society. Not true! This part-time[...]
Getting Fired? 4 Signs You Might be!
Are your getting fired? I read this post written by Robin Brodrick on Linkedin and it reminded me of a[...]
People Are So Funny! Not Serving Papers!
I was out serving papers the other day and decided I needed a cup of coffee. Great a Dunkin Donuts[...]
Serving By Facebook Allowed by Two Judges
Serving via Facebook has been around for quite a while now, opening another avenue for service of process. I think[...]
Video | Customer Service for Process Servers
[Bryon L McKay] Hi Guys, Bryon L McKay from here, I want to talk a little bit about customer[...]
Video | NYC Process Servers Bad Press
[Bryon L. McKay] Hi guys. Bryon McKay here. I want to talk a little bit about, the press. The[...]
Two Year Traverse Hearings Interview NYC Process Server Part Two
Traverse Hearings Suck! The following is part 2 of an interview with a friend of mine I have known for[...]
Two Year Traverse Hearing Interview NYC Process Server Part One
The following is an interview with a friend of mine I have known for over twenty years. He and his[...]
Video | Process Servers Take that Paper and ….
[Bryon L. McKay] Hi everybody this is Bryon McKay from again.  I found this little post online and  I[...]
Video | NYC Process Server vs NYC Process Server
[Bryon L. McKay] Hi guys this is Bryon from again. I want to talk to the process servers out[...]
Video | Servers We Have an Image Problem
[Bryon L McKay] Hi this is Bryon L McKay Servers We Have an Image Problem. This blog is about[...]
Bay Area Process Servers Headed to Regulation?
Is The Bay Area Headed Toward Regulation Like NYC Process Servers? "Serving the Dead! Two Places at Once!" By: Bryon[...]
The Future of Process Service In NYC
2011 What a year for NYC Process Servers! Wow, what a year of changes for NYC process servers and New[...]
ABC Butchers and Bridal Services
I believe in many things. Two of them are: 1) know what you are and 2) be proud of what you[...]
Is Binding Arbitration Going to Effect Civil and Class Actions?
"Two Supreme Court Rulings say ....Maybe" By: Michael Hoenig of Herzfeld & Rubin P.C. An attorney discusses how two Supreme[...]
Liar Liar Process Server
Internal memo distributed to all employees. The New York City process serving business is a deceptively complicated business in an[...]
Process Server – Oh Just Shoot Em
Upstate New York Process Server This open letter to our New York servers and clients, was written in response to[...]
E-mail service on foreign defendants: time for an international approach?
2007 I. INTRODUCTION As the Internet becomes the predominant vehicle for business communication, solicitation and marketing, plaintiffs' attorneys increasingly face[...]