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First NYC Process Server to Develop Apps

We were the first process serving company in NYC to develop apps for our process servers. Starting with the Palm Pilot in 2000 to current smart phone apps.

We have used Apps For Direct Field Notifications & GPS years before NYC mandated it.


We are particularly proud of our technology tools developed in-house in 2001 and upgraded many times. We were the first to successfully implement online capabilities for our clients and individuals! Since then, we have set the standards that all local and national companies can only follow.

Our technology is part of our business. It’s what we were forced to do. It’s what we have always done. Our expertise and progressive approach has delivered scalable and integrated solutions based on one question: Does it make sense for our clients? Technology is built to facilitate strategy, not drive it, which is why we rely on client input and knowledge of market trends and best practices to evolve our solutions and services.

“ has from the start, developed innovative technology that is revolutionizing the way our industry thinks about the our business. By providing a platform in which everyone with a stake in the success of an online company can collaborate to maximize their industry, they’re making the platform extremely pleasing in the industry.”

OUR PLATFORM delivers software as a service technology developed on rack servers running Linux, Apache, Perl, PHP and MySQL Server database technology and others specific to our needs.

Using this configuration, we host our technology securely online ourselves, we have found over the years that hosting companies limit their access to what we need for our specialized programming. So, we do it ourselves with redundant backups on and off site on regular intervals.

There is software developed for our industry but it comes with a “cookie cutter” approach, plus we have had dealings with some companies that were unprofessional at best. We believe our our technology model provides our clients with faster, up-to-date, reliable technology; protection of sensitive data; valuable software enhancements and automatic service updates; and instant access to online status, accounting and support. In addition, clients do not have to worry about additional costs or downtime, nor the risk of lost data due to onsite network problems or power outages.


We continually monitor the latest legislation and regulations to ensure our emails comply, and email templates are designed and tested to ensure deliverability for HTML and text in various email environments. Our email programs comply with the CAN-SPAM Act which can be found by clicking here.


The security of your data is crucial. At, several precautions are taken to deliver the highest level of protection for your sensitive information. owns and operates the database and Web servers that host our websites and store their data. These servers are protected by securely configured firewalls that prevent data from being accessed via the Internet. Our data is stored in a dedicated database; this prevents the intrusion or corruption of data.