NYC Process Service Pricing 

We Proudly Publish Our NYC Pricing

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All time frames are based upon when we receive the documents. Anything after 3 PM may be considered as received the next business day.

Below pricing do NOT include Staten Island.



25¢ Per Page Printing Costs

$2.00 Notary Fee for Affidavit

Email Updates Only

  • Any Support CSR
  • Completed 7-10 Work Days
  • Includes 3 Attempts

Credit or Debit Card


$140.00 Most Popular

Free Printing up to 50 Pages

Notary Included

Email Updates

  • Completed Within 3 Days
  • Includes 3 Attempts
  • Any Support CSR

Credit or Debit Card



Free Printing up to 100 Pages

Notary Included

Email and/or Telephone Updates

  • Personal Support CSR
  • Completed Within 24 Hours
  • Includes 3 Attempts

Credit or Debit Card

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There are several strategies regarding setting process server pricing. Some service companies just copy their competitors. Some agencies try to undercut everyone. Others I have no idea how the come up with their prices. A few of us actually take our overhead costs and that determines our pricing strategy.

Did you know most process server agencies do NOT have an actual office except maybe in their home. They have only independent contractor serving papers. That being said, there is nothing wrong with this model. No or very little overhead, no payroll taxes, no benefits for contractors and the commute must be great.

I wrote a blog regarding different types of NYC process servers agencies. Some go after L&T, some go after collections, some go after government work and some do a combination or all the above. Some agencies take up to 30 days to serve the documents and the affidavit is slow coming as well.

That is fine if that is your business model. This is not our model. As a matter of fact we do NOT go after L&T, collections, most government work or foreclosures. Our model is based on higher client expectations. Serve the document under a reasonable time frame and get them the affidavit so they can continue on with the case at hand.

We maintain two offices in New York. One in NYC and the other in Binghamton, NY. We have employees and yes we use contractors for over-flow.

I read a couple of years ago a government survey states that the national average for process service is between $45.00 – $100.00. So falls in between the national average. This was accomplished even though NYC is one of the most expensive cities in the country. We have kept our national average by attracting and maintaining a niche client.

So, if you are looking for a cheap service you might be better of with someone else. If you are looking for a fair price for good service, we are a good choice.