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Service of Process Via Facebook Fails
December 9, 2016 Service of Process Via Facebook Fails No Proof of Active Use by Respondent A Brooklyn Judge denied[...]
Dogs Kill Female Process Server
June 17, 2016 The pack of dogs killed a female process server in Travis County (Austin TX area) while she was[...]
Process Server Sues Former Judge
You can get acquainted with a Previous Report Here. The process server sues former judge after the judge had him[...]
Union VP Accused of Assaulting A Process Server
Assaulting a process server is in the news again. Allegedly pushed down the stairs then the respondent tried to intimidate[...]
Man Chases Process Server
February 9 2016 From Grand Junction Sentinel Blotter William Godbey, 49, was arrested Friday on suspicion of felony menacing and[...]
Man Threw Rock at Process Server’s car
February 4 2016 CBS Albany by WRGB Staff Man Threw Rock at Process Server's car. AVERILL PARK -- State Police[...]
Process Server Falsifies Affidavits of Service | Canada
Jan 12, 2016 This is always serious when the one company and/or process server was hired to serve an individual[...]
Suspect Nabbed in Process Server Stabbing
Jan 9 2015 Los Angeles, Ca A process server was attempted to serve a restraining order when he was stabbed. By[...]
Process Server Arrested Accused of Sexually Assaulting Clients
Jan 5, 2016 A Moore Oklahoma man was arrested by agents with the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation on Monday. Robert[...]
Man Charged with Attempted Murder Against a Process Server
A Westminster man fired a rifle toward a process server according the the Carroll County Sheriff's Office. Christian Shenk is[...]
120 Day to 90 Day Federal Rule Change for Service of Process Effective Dec 1 2015
Oct 29, 2015 Effective December 1, 2015 the time to serve service of process changes from 120 days to 90[...]
Process Server Shot and Killed
Bill Myers, 64, had already served the domestic injunction paper on 33 year old Joel Dixon Smith and was walking[...]
Toronto West End Crash May Be Result of Process Server
  As process servers, we experience this all the time. We go up to a door to serve the legal[...]
Sewer Service Victim Avoids Lawsuit
A sewer service victim is when the defendant/respondent is not notified properly on a pending lawsuit. This is accomplished by[...]
Illinois Default Judgment Vacated via Secretary of State Service
An Illinois default judgment vacated via Secretary of State service because they did not try to serve him at his[...]
Minnesota Sues Process Service Company
Here we go again. Another questionable process server supposedly did not serve the papers correctly or as the articles states,[...]
Process Server Sentenced
  A follow up from the this news story about a Harrison County Process Server who was arrest back in[...]
You have been served! On Facebook NYC Family Court
 You have been served on Facebook! Old News But New Court! This is not new but it is new in[...]
Former Madison Co Process Server Deputy Sheriff Indicted After Falsifying Time Sheets
The former Madison Co Process Server  Deputy Sheriff indicted was also a tax collector and has one count of making[...]
Waverly Man Arrested for Pointing Gun at Civil Process Server
By John Molseed, WCF Courier  Man Points Gun at Civil Process Server According to the Bremer County Sheriff's Office a[...]
Process Serving Is A Lark
By MICHAEL WILSON , NY Times   Process serving is a lark says Angel Guiterrez who is featured in an[...]
Process Server Threatened with Machete
By MICHAEL ANICH , Leader Herald   In Gloversville NY city police charged a man for threatening a process server,[...]
NYC Process Servers Lose Lawsuit Against NYC DCA
By STEPHANIE CLIFFORD of NY Times. AUG 22, 2014 NYC process server lose lawsuit against NYC DCA. The law suit[...]
Charges against process server arrested in Jefferson County courtroom dropped
A process server who was arrested inside a courtroom as he attempted to serve papers to a Texas Judge, have[...]
AG Sues CO’s Largest Foreclosure Law Firms and Process Serving Firms over alleging massive fraud
The Denver Post is reporting that a Colorado foreclosure firm is under investigation along with two process serving firms. The[...]
Video | North Fort Myers Man Arrested for Threatening Process Server
North Fort Myers resident, David Salo, arrested for threatening process server. Shots fired. Neighbors feel for the process server, who[...]
Georgia Process Server Shot by Burglar
While attempting to serve legal papers at a Stone Mountain home, a Georgia process server was shot while interrupting a[...]
Highland Township woman arrested for assaulting process server
Highland Township woman arrested for assaulting process server. Process server spoke to husband who stated respondent was sleeping. The process server[...]
Debt Collectors Who Posed as Process Servers and Intimidated Consumers Settle with FTC
A Southern California debt collection operation, Asset Capital and Management Group, will surrender more than $4 million for consumer redress[...]
What is a Photocopier Deposition
The NY Times publish a video about a deposition that was taken verbatim from the manuscript. Really Funny Stuff. I[...]
Video | Process Servers Want Better Protection
You've heard the expression 'Don't shoot the messenger?' That phrase has a real literal meaning for some of the 2,500[...]
Process Servers Sue City Over Big Fines
Process servers make a living delivering court papers to sometimes unsuspecting defendants. But recently, it was the servers themselves who[...]
Harrison County Sheriff’s Department Process Server Arrested on Drug Distribution Charge
The Greater Harrison Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force has arrested a Harrison County Sheriff's Department Process Server on a[...]
Police Search for Man Who Assaulted Process Server
SAN LORENZO -- A day care center was evacuated and several streets were closed during rush-hour traffic Tuesday afternoon after[...]
Anchorage Process Server Charged with Perjury
An Anchorage woman has been charged with felony perjury after investigators discovered the process server lied on legal paperwork, indicating[...]
‘Sewer Service’ Appeal Has 2nd Circuit Skeptical
The 2nd Circuit seemed reluctant Friday to kill a class action brought on behalf of more than 100,000 people whose[...]
Process Servers’ Rights Clarified in Law Amendment
Aggressive behavior to defy process servers and confusion over their right to enter private property prompted that exempts them from[...]
Threats to Process Server Prompt Arrest
A 57-year-old man is in jail after he threatened a Sheriff's Office process server with a semi-automatic pistol, an arrest[...]
Process Servers Numbers Dwindling Due to Crackdown
By Chris Bragg,  Crain's New York   The Crain's article discusses the process servers numbers dwindling and what has been[...]
N.Y. Appellate Panel Approves Service by Email on Wife in Iran
A Rochester NY Appellate Court has upheld an email service in a matrimonial case where the wife returned to Iran.[...]
Law License for Ex-Prosecutor to be Suspended for Confrontation with Process Server
The Southern Illinoisan March 21, 2013 - An ex-prosecutor in Southern Illinois will be suspended for four months for a[...]
Service of Process to India Defendants via Facebook OK
U.S. District Judge Paul Engelmayer has ruled that U.S. government lawyers can serve legal documents on a group of defendants in[...]
Woman sentenced to 1 day in jail for pointing gun at process server
A Washington State woman was sentenced to one day in jail for pointing a gun at a process server who[...]
Texas Introduces Bill to Serve Process Via Social Media | Video Texas Bill HB- 1989 was filed on 02/27/2013 The bill was read and referred to Judiciary & Civil Jurispridence[...]
[UPDATE] Former RLC president pleads guilty after assaulting process server
This is an update to [button link="/news/former-rlc-president-arrested-after-altercation-with-process-server/" color="black" target="_blank" size="small" title="Assaulting Process Server"]Read Original News Artilce Here[/button] Kern pleaded guilty to[...]
Maryland Proposes New Process Serving Laws
On Feb 1, 2013, Senate Bill 554 /House Bill 1291 (cross-filled) has been introduced into the Maryland legislature. The gist[...]
Staten Island Process Server, Serving Papers, Gets Loaded Shotgun Pointed in Face
January 26, 2013 A Staten Island process server gets loaded shotgun pointed in face while serving papers. The man is[...]
Florida Process Server Gets 9MM Pointed at Him
Video of Process Server and Interview WSVN-TV - Video Willie Wiggins is a process server, tried to serve papers in[...]
Las Vegas Process Server Sentenced to 3 Years
Former police officer Maurice Carroll,  turned process server in Las Vegas NV was sentenced to three years for filing false[...]
(Proposed Jan 2013) New York State Process Serving Law A633-2013
Relates to process servers, relating to licensing and penalties. Sponsor: Gibson / Co-sponsor(s): Cook Law Section: General Business Law /[...]
NYCHA Sends Process Servers, Days After Hurricane Sandy, to Serve Evictions
Just days after Hurricane Sandy hit the Tri-State area, New York City Housing Authority sent process servers out to serve[...]
Process Server Loses DCA License to Serve Process – NY Post
The NY Post called him the "worst" process server. The city stated "Serving legal papers wasn’t his strong suit". The[...]
Process Server Agency Provest – Settles with State of Florida
The settlement is a $462,500.00 fine and $462,500.00 to Legal Aide ____________________________________ Attorney General Pam Bondi News Release August 3,[...]
Mississippi Court hears case about process servers. “UPDATE case dismissed”
"Fine and Jail time?" By: MYsa One women served but was in jail while another person served was dead. Article[...]
Columbia Maryland Woman Shoots at Process Server
"Server was trying to serve a subpoena" By: ABC2NEWS The woman's sister called 911. [shortcode_button type="default" align="left" target="_blank" link="" icon="none"]Full[...]
Davidson County Judge Accused of Assaulting a Process Server.
Nashville Police Spokeperson confirms the investigation" By: Joey Garrison The complaint accuses Rowan of physical and verbal assault. No Charges have[...]
San Francisco Residents Sue Process Servers for Failing to Deliver Lawsuits
"Involves One of the Largest Process Serving Companies in the US, ABC Legal Services." By: Bernice Yeung B.H Financial Services[...]
Process Server Punched Repeatedly While Serving Paper
"Fox Pointe man refused to accept papers so he kicked process server in groin and hit him in face repeatedly."[...]
Hobe Sound Man Accused of holding Process Server at Gunpoint
"Says his attorney told him to do it" By: Keona Gardner The man points hand gun at female process server[...]
Man Points Gun at Head of Female Process Server
"Man Held on $50,000.00 cash bond" By: Heather Schaefer Female process server has gun pointed at her head while trying[...]
Process Server Company Employee Arrested on Identitiy Theft
An ironic twist is that this company offers fraud detection services. More that 200 identities confirmed stolen and the authorities say this[...]
Auburn man arrested for assaulting female process server
"Victim was shot at, had mud smeared on face" Respondent smeared mud in the process servers face and shot her[...]
Owners Send Dog After Female Process Server – Video
"Owners Deny Claim" By: Staff Owners sent a 200 pond Bull Mastiff who bit the female process server on the[...]
Mendenhall Mayor Guilty Of Simple Assault
Mendenhall Mayor Guilty Of Simple Assault on Process Server "Assault on Process Server" By: Staff Mayor found guilty and[...]
Two Process Servers Walk in on Assault
The Spokesman-Review The process servers went to a home to serve papers and say the men leave in a Expedition.[...]
Former South Dakota Prosecutor convicted of Assault & Kidnapping of 74 year old Process Server
The prosecutor is given more time in an Arizona prison for a non related charge of manslaughter. According to The[...]
Posing As Process Servers and Attorneys
At the request of the Federal Trade Commission, a U.S. district court has halted a debt collection operation that allegedly[...]
Process server shot by man in Prescott, AZ
Process server shot by man in Prescott, AZ after serving papers "Officer booked Larry Stewart, 57, of Prescott into the Yavapai[...]
NY School Admin Stands Trial | Assaults Server
School Administrator of Carthage Central School stands trial on assault charge on process server "Process server claims school administrator accosted him[...]
NYCDCA Educational Materials
I. New York City Laws and Rules regarding Process Servers New York City Administrative Code and Rules regarding Process Servers[...]
NYCDCA Notice of Adoption
New York City Process Server Agency Rules and Amendments. Effecting Manhattan Process Servers, Queens Process Servers, Brooklyn Process Servers, Bronx[...]
Former RLC president arrested after altercation with process server
The server allegedly found Mark Kern, who had a shotgun, and when Kern told her to leave, nudged her with[...]
Cuomo Shuts Down Western New Yrok Process Server Company For Lying On Affidavits Of Service
BUFFALO, NY (April 7, 2010) - Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that his office has shut down a[...]
NYCDCA Announcement RE: Process Servers and Debt Collectors
[vc_row video_bg_parallax="content-moving" video_bg="yes" full_width="stretch_row" css=".vc_custom_1434537920178{padding-top: 150px !important;padding-bottom: 150px !important;}"][vc_column width="1/2"][vc_video link=""][/vc_column][vc_column width="1/2"][vc_custom_heading text="Video was uploaded by NYCDCA." font_container="tag:h2|text_align:center|color:%23ffffff" use_theme_fonts="yes" css=".vc_custom_1474472150743{padding-bottom:[...]
Process Server Creates Headaches for Court System, Law Firms
August 2009 Hennepin County MN A twenty three year old man has been charges with multiple counts of perjury.  He[...]
Head of New York Process Service Agency Charged with Fraud
April 2009 His paperwork says a process server served between Kings County and Cattaraugus County in twenty four hours. Possible[...]
Process Server Killed Serving Divorce Papers | Video
After a 45 year old process server served him papers,the respondent then beat him with a bat and stabbed him.[...]
Erie County Process Server Accused Of Defrauding Court System Through False Affidavits
ALBANY, N.Y. (April 29, 2008) –Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo today announced the arrest of an Erie County woman who[...]
360 Evictions Blocked Process Server Pleads Guitly
Manhattan June 2007 - A 51 year old process server pleaded guilty to filing multiple false documents in NYC Civil Housing[...]
Process Server Loses NYCDCA License for 5 Years
Jun 2007 What to us is interesting, is this particular service had nothing to do with NYC except that the[...]