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Are you a process server directory?

Are you a process server directory Are you a process server directory?

No, we handle all services from start to finish. We serve process for
some of the largest firms in the world. We have net branches in every state and most of the countries of the world.

Our Philosophy About Process Server Directories

From Our Blog Post  What Secrets Directories Keep from You!

Why on earth would you pay someone to build THEIR presence using YOUR media content?  That is one of many secrets directories keep from you. When you pay those process server directories to list your company you are helping them more than yourself. Plus you have no control over what gets published, how it looks and what your company is all about. Yes you are a process server or a process server agency but you are more than that. You have your own distinct brand, market presence, philosophies, customers service goals and personality.

My Advise  by Guy Alvarez Own Your Media

Law firms and legal marketers are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars paying companies like American Lawyer Media, Law 360, JD Supra, Mondaq, Avvo and others for the privilege of placing their content on these third party publications or distribution services. The reason law firms are willing to pay for this is to expand their reach. These publications and services have created extensive distribution networks and are (at least in theory) widely read by in-house counsel and others in the legal industry. They promise to expose content to the law firm’s target audience and reach thousands of eyeballs.

The problem with this approach from our perspective is that law firms are paying these publications and services to help build audience for the third party publishers but not for the law firm itself. Without valuable law firm content these syndication services would not exist.  Even trade publications like The American Lawyer and The National Law Journal would be much flimsier and skinnier publications without law firm contributors, as round after round of editorial layoffs have left these publications increasingly dependent on externally sourced content

So, Are you a process server directory?

Heck NO!!!