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NYC Process Servers Serving Businesses

NYC Process Servers serving businesses

NYC Process Servers serving businesses has changed over the years. This may be a strange place to start but remember those door-to-door salespeople (DDS). Selling everything form soap, art, copiers, office equipment and etc. Where in the world have they gone? Retail, on-line, telemarketing or just stuck down on the street trying to get up. […]

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What Time Can a NYC Process Server Serve Papers?

What time can a NYC process server serve

What Time Can a NYC Process Server Serve Papers? What Time Can a NYC Process Server Serve Papers? This was one of the top online searches last year and I wish there was a simple answer to this question. According to papers should be delivered between 6 am – 10 pm. NY State General Business […]

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Bite Me! We Serve Papers

Process Servers and dog bites

Many years ago I was training a new process server in the field. to serve papers. He was a young man from Vermont new to New York. I knew his father and uncle so when he he asked me for a job, I hired him. His father and uncle were from Ireland and that should […]

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Results of Our NYC DCA Process Server Agency Audit

Audit Results

We received an email from a NYC DCA attorney last week finding some errors in our audit. Specifically, one of our servers manual log book. Let me refresh, one of the many procedures that a process server agency does is do a monthly audit of all process servers attempts and completions. One of the ways is to […]

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Is NYC DCA License Renewal and Audit Sucking the Life Out of Process Serving Industry?

Process Serving Industry

Or Just the Mirror to the Process Serving Industry? Well, the NYC process serving industry just went through our second two year renewal with agency and individual licensing from the NYC DCA. As you are aware we are required to renew the license every two years due on February 28 of even years. Process serving agencies […]

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Top 14 Ways To Make Process Servers Laugh

Ways to Make Process Servers Laugh

14 Ways To Make Process Servers Laugh Yes, process servers get a kick out of what can be said when serving papers. It usually happens when the respondent is surprised and/or taken aback. These are just the top 14 ways to make a process servers laugh but there is more. 1. Running Man No, I […]

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10 Reasons a Process Server May Fire Clients

Process Server Fires Client

The 10 reasons a process server may fire clients is not limited to ten. I have read many articles for lawyers or law firms on firing a client. They all basically say the same thing. I want to talk about the reverse. What do I mean about the reverse. When a process serving agency should fire a […]

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Incredible Chair Hacking My Bank Accounts!!

Chair Hacking My Bank Accounts

Incredible chair hacking my bank accounts, is that even possible. But somehow, some way everybody and everything knows. How is it that everything seems to know when I have a little extra cash on hand? Now you noticed I said everything and not everybody. Yes I am talking about inanimate objects. I am reminded of […]

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Process Server Professional MY Butt!!

Process Server Professional or Poser

The only reason a lot a process servers get into this business is that they think it has ease of entry and hey, anyone can serve papers. Well, they are right in both instances. Yes, some places you have to get a license or be appointed but still in most places an easy profession to […]

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What Secrets Directories Keep from You!

secrets directories keep from you

What secrets directories keep from you can cost a lot in finding you on the web. Let’s talk about category directories. What do I mean by category directory? Law, lawyer, process server are category directories with dedicated sites. Like Why on earth would you pay someone to build THEIR presence using YOUR media content?  That is […]

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