About Us

An Advanced NYC Process Serving Agency

Leading the Process Serving Industry Since 1985


The company originally started under the name of Intelco LTD. A private investigations firm started by two gentlemen in 1985. A few years later they branched off part of it and formed Intelco Services LTD to handle just the process service. In 1998 their partnership dissolved as one went into full retirement and the other married and moved away. Thank goodness no shots were fired!

Later in 1998 the current president was working for Intelco Services LTD and purchased the business. One of the first things he did was develop a web site believing this to be the future. Intelco Services LTD was the first process server in Manhattan to implement an online program for the process servers to enter in completions on a Palm Pilot and instantly update the service on our web presence. This information was then emailed to our clients. Being the first is great. Our technology allowed us to move forward and bring on clients at a rapid pace.

Then the President received a letter threatening to sue over the company name and web site. IntelcoServices.com was the site and I guess that Intel thought a NYC process serving company and a chip manufacturer caused confusion in the marketplace. Although our existing clients couldn’t see the confusion, Intel’s lawyers disagreed.

Now, not having enough resources to take on Intel, ServerLinks.com was born in March of 2002. Once again, our apologies to Intel for causing such mass confusion in the marketplace.

ServerLinks.com continued to grow and after September 11, 2001 we opened another office in Upstate NY. This was done as a backup in case there was another incident in NYC. Our first test didn’t go so well. During the blackout of 2003, we were disappointed to find out that our “backup” offices were also effected. Our boss says he may take his next mission from an old Frank Zappa song and move to Montana to a dental floss factory.

But we continued on building alliances regionally, nationally and internationally along the way. With the help of our clients cases, we were able to massively market across many borders.

We have and maintain clients from coast-to-coast and internationally. We look forward to maintaining our client base that has allowed us to say no to certain types of legal papers. To this day, we do not have any L&T, collections or foreclosure clients. We do them occasionally, only as a courtesy for our existing clients.


BryonReal1 About Us

Bryon McKay, President

He is responsible for our success. He has a great sense of humor as you can tell by his picture he insisted on posting. He has been dealing with the legal market for decades and in the past, traveled intensively representing large corporations in the legal market. He also oversees the day-to-day operations at ServerLinks.com


Our Executive Team

jackie About Us

Jackie Billings

Executive Vice President

Jackie assists in running day-to-day operations. Her main focus is working with key clients maximizing their services. She also deals with all their services out of the area.

Jim Norris About Us

Jim Norris

Marketing Executive

Jim's main focus is marketing and digital marketing. Although he spends a considerable amount of time working with clients and process servers. He also helps alliance partners in their marketing.

Jamie About Us

Jamie Stewart

Paralegal/CSR Supervisor

Jamie's history is with law firms as a paralegal. She is originally from Woonsocket RI. She loves dealing with clients, helping them succeed in their cases. She also deals with the process servers.